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Robert ArmitageRobert Armitage

Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Robert Armitage picked up the guitar at age 12, after being given an old arch top guitar from a retired violin repairman who lived across the street, and hasn't stopped since. He got his start in the early 70s with bands like "Crazy Legs", "Smokestack Lightning", "Ashton", and "Chameleon". He studied music at Queen's University, and with Howard Springer at the Toronto New School of Music. Learning from old records by bluesmen such as BB King & Lightning Hopkins, Robert was also also profoundly influenced by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. His career led to extensive touring (including Las Vegas and Atlantic City), playing with an r'n'b/top 40 band fronted by June Garba (South Africa). He also gigged in Panama (Contadora Island) with "Muriel Day's Band" (Ireland) in 1980.

Robert returned to Canada in the early 80s, but eventually found himself living in New York City for a couple of years, pursuing musical opportunities in each locale. He eventually returned to Ontario for good, joining "The Outsiders", and also "Second Cummings" (a Burton Cummings tribute, along with subbing and gigging with many Toronto area acts.

Along with Rhythm & Bones, Robert can sometimes be spotted around town playing with Burlington's "Poppa Groove", and Toronto's "Cocoloco".

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Robert's first gigging band "Ashton". R'n'b horn band with the "Canadian Tire Guy", Ted Simonette (back row, 2nd from right). One of Robert's favourite bands, in terms of the musicianship.

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